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SafeScript NSW is available to eligible health practitioners in NSW

SafeScript NSW provides real-time information about a patient’s prescription history for certain high-risk medicines to support clinical decision making and patient safety.

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Register for SafeScript NSW

Registration is simple and will take less than 10 minutes to complete. Step-by-step instructions, a video and a quick reference guide are available to help with the registration process.

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Enable SafeScript NSW in clinical software

This allows health practitioners to receive pop-up notifications on their desktop when a potentially high-risk scenario is detected. Instructions and a video are available to help practitioners, practice managers or digital support teams to complete this process.

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Access education and training resources

Practitioners have ongoing access to eLearning modules, quick reference guides and factsheets, recorded webinars and other support resources.

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Privacy and security

NSW Health takes the protection of health privacy and personal information seriously. Health practitioners must comply with privacy principles and legislation when holding, using and disclosing personal health information held in SafeScript NSW.

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Frequently asked questions

Access information on commonly asked questions or concerns about SafeScript NSW.

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Information for patients

Prescribers and pharmacists can provide their patients with useful information and resources about monitored medicines, pain management and support services.

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