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SafeScript NSW for health practitioners

SafeScript NSW provides prescribers and pharmacists with real-time information about a patient’s prescribing and dispensing history for certain high-risk medicines to improve clinical decision making and patient safety.

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What is SafeScript NSW

SafeScript NSW is a clinical tool that provides prescribers and pharmacists with real-time information about a patient’s prescription history for certain high-risk medicines, so they can make safer clinical decisions at the point of care.

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How and when to use SafeScript NSW

SafeScript NSW is designed to be integrated into clinical workflow through prescribing and dispensing systems. It can also be accessed by logging into the SafeScript NSW web portal.

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List of monitored medicines

A panel of academics, pharmacologists and experts in addiction medicine and pain management was established to provide advice to NSW Health when determining the medicines monitored in the SafeScript NSW system.

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Privacy and security

NSW Health takes the protection of health privacy and personal information seriously. Health practitioners must comply with privacy principles and legislation when holding, using and disclosing personal health information held in SafeScript NSW.

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Education and training

Prescribers and pharmacists are being supported during the rollout of SafeScript NSW and will have ongoing access to eLearning modules, face to face and virtual learning sessions, and other support resources.

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Information for patients

Prescribers and pharmacists can provide their patients with useful information and resources about monitored medicines, pain management and support services.

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