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SafeScript NSW for consumers

SafeScript NSW gives prescribers and pharmacists real-time information about your prescribing and dispensing history for certain high-risk medicines such as opioids and benzodiazepines to help them make safer decisions about your care and to keep you safe when taking your medicines.


Find out more information about support services and other resources for pain management, alcohol and other drugs.

Privacy and security

NSW Health takes the protection of health privacy and personal information seriously. Learn more about how your privacy is protected, how records are kept secure and who has access to records held in SafeScript NSW.

What is SafeScript NSW

SafeScript NSW is a computer software that provides prescribers and pharmacists with real-time information about your prescription history for certain high-risk medicines. This information helps your health professional to make safer clinical decisions about your care.

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List of monitored medicines

The list of medicines monitored by the SafeScript NSW system were considered by a panel of medical experts based on which medicines have the potential to cause the most harm in the community.

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Frequently asked questions

Learn more about SafeScript NSW by viewing the FAQ section of the website.

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