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Technical support

Register for SafeScript NSW

Health practitioners will need to register for SafeScript NSW when it becomes available in their region. Registration is simple and will take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Access using clinical software

Using integrated software to access SafeScript NSW will allow health practitioners to receive pop-up notifications on their desktop when a potentially high-risk scenario is detected. Practice managers, digital support teams or health practitioners will need to take steps to enable their integrated software to support SafeScript NSW.

Access using online portal

Health practitioners will be able to access their patient’s monitored medicine history by logging into the SafeScript NSW portal.

SafeScript NSW technical support

Information and technical support is available by using online help pages, phone or by email.

System requirements

SafeScript NSW has minimum system requirements. Practice managers, IT support and/or health practitioners should ensure they have the minimum system requirements needed to support SafeScript NSW.